Working with you on your recent review of all our current insurance policies has been a most enlightening experience. Through many decades of property ownership, my wife and I have been given the assurance that we were working with top experts in their respective companies and in the insurance industry itself.

Little did I know what a true expert is like. It reminds me of the difference between a Volkswagen and a Rolls-Royce.

You have been able to articulate the complex world of insurance in understandable terms providing us with a deeper comprehension of our insurance options and direct authoritative answers to all our questions. You possess a professionalism my wife and I have not experienced with past agencies.

We look forward to working with you and your firm and applaud your byline “it doesn’t matter who your agent is until it does.” We heartily  concur.

– Bob

I was referred to Kevin when I purchased a beach house as a second home and needed someone with expertise insuring a house near the ocean. Kevin was so attentive and so knowledgeable that I switched responsibility for insuring my primary home and my car to him as well and I continue to rely on him for advice as concerns or new matters pop up. In addition, his office staff is similarly reliable, knowledgeable and efficient. One call and it will be done and done correctly.

If he tells you he loves his job and will return calls pretty much any day (including weekends) and any time- believe him. It’s true.

– Perry

As the owner of my own company, I don’t have the time to worry about my insurance needs, but I do know how important it is to have the proper coverage. With Kevin Lang handling my accounts, I know that I never have to worry. He takes the time and initiative to make sure that I am getting the most coverage for the best possible rates. His service is attentive and personal – he makes me feel like I am his only client.

– H.B.

I would be happy to refer Kevin Lang to anyone who seeks great service and knowledge from an insurance company. He looks out for your best interest and guides you with his expert suggestions. He is always accessible to whatever issues you might have.

– A.G.

Lang Insurance is all about service. They watch out for you and they provide the care and service you need and deserve!

– C.L.

I wanted to say “thank you” for all the care and attention you have provided since I switched to your insurance company. It is a pleasure to be able to pick up the phone and always receive an answer. We always seem to work everything out and I would like you to know that I am most willing to recommend you to anyone that I know.

– S.V.

I recently had to secure new homeowners, auto and personal liability insurance within a certain time frame to replace cancelled insurance. I worked with three potential new agents – two of which had all of the necessary information for approximately 2 weeks. Kevin Lang was the only agent who got back to me with quotes within ½ hour! It was truly a pleasure working with Kevin and his staff- they are extremely professional and very responsive. I look forward to a long-term relationship with Lang Insurance and would certainly recommend them without hesitation to family, friends and associates.

– E.D.

Our home had major flooding damage after Hurricane Irene. Our garage had two feet of water in it and two cars were a total loss. The entire flooring was flooded in our home and was destroyed along with over $50,000 in furniture. A structural engineer has determined that our house may have shifted from the flooding and all of the bricks that cover our entire home have to be torn down and replaced. It is unbelievable how Kevin Lang and Lang Insurance were on top of the claim from start to finish. Kevin even met with the adjuster from the insurance company and showed him all of damage that had been done. He even came back to our home to meet the structural engineer. In all of my years as a homeowner, I have never worked with such a concerned and dedicated insurance agent. He serviced our claim with a vigilence and dedication from initial claim through follow-up. We were very fortunate to have Kevin Lang and Lang insurance as our agent for all of our coverage. We received payment for our two cars within days and our home and contents coverage was settled in less than two weeks. I want to thank you Kevin and let you know that our family will be clients of Lang Insurance for life.

– S.M.

Kevin from Lang Insurance helped me save thousands of dollars on homeowners and auto insurance. His firm is always very responsive to any needs I may have. I recommend him highly!!!!!

– S.G. MD

I recently was introduced by Kevin Lang of Lang Insurance, whose personal efforts, dedication to detail and tireless effort resulted in my choosing PURE to insure my homes and automobiles with PURE and can attest to their professionalism, courtesy and prompt attention to adjusting losses and issuing payment. I have dealt with many insurers worldwide regarding multimillion dollar matters and found PURE’s representatives knowledgeable and understanding with special attention to the safety of my premises and thorough investigation of the air quality and its freedom from contaminants and pollutants before returning to and moving back into my home. This is exactly the expectations one usually hopes for from their insurer but rarely receives.

– C.D.

Excellent service, not only at the point of sale, but continuing after coverage was initiated. I was presented with a number of tailor made solutions that allowed me to choose the most appropriate coverage for my situation. As my situation changed, thoughtful and efficient adjustment ideas were presented to me.

– E.C.

It is my sincere hope that my recommendation of Kevin will prevent anyone from the terrible and disappointing experience that I have encountered with another insurance agent. After years being with the same insurance broker I had an unfortunate experience damaging my home, and instead of working and helping there was no assistance; but had to handle everything by myself including finding and hiring a public adjuster. Now, because there is a claim, the policy is being cancelled. I did not receive any offerings or suggestions for replacement, from this insurance agent. A colleague of mine who also experienced ineffective treatment from a previous insurance agent, turned to Kevin Lang and was very pleased, As soon as I contacted Kevin, he immediately helped my situation. In addition, not only did Kevin secure the needed policies but he also saved me money. Kevin is a diligent professional and it is my pleasure to recommend him.

– C.T.

I am a practicing attorney with approximately forty five years of experience in the personal injury field. I thought that I understood all of the nuances in the insurance industry. Since meeting Kevin Lang I have learned much about the standard home owners policy and the best way to protect myself and my family. Kevin has re-written all of my personal insurance with Privileged Underwriters. I feel that I am much better protected and have a broker I can depend on in the event of a loss.

– M.W., Esq.

We find Lang Insurance to be extraordinarily professional on every level. Kevin is always reaching out to us to make sure everything is going well. He’s recommending new instruments to make our policies more effective as well as keeping premiums to a low while still covering us with full protection. Kudos to Kevin and everyone at Lang Insurance.

– G. and M.P.

I have been a client of Kevin Lang for many years. He has helped me with my home, auto and valuable item’s policies, always obtaining the best coverage at the lowest prices. His firm offers extraordinary service and knowledge, it was my pleasure to recommend many friends and family, who are equally pleased with Kevin and Lang Insurance.

– L.B.

We have been with Kevin Lang Insurance for about two years. He overhauled all of our policies and saved us a substantial amount of premiums and at the same time getting better coverage than we had previously. The company is professional and courteous. We have recommended Kevin to friends and they have been equally pleased.

– T. and L.Z.

I recently switched insurance brokers to Kevin Lang Insurance. This was prompted by a recommendation to me from a friend, subsequent to a discussion we had about the very high premiums that I was paying on my current insurance policy. After discussing the details of my insurance needs with Lang, he developed a quotation for me from two alternative carriers that gave me equal or better coverage. These quotations were approximately 50% lower than my existing premiums. Initially I was skeptical of such a large differentiation, so I had the quotations reviewed by an independent risk manager who ultimately gave his blessing on the quotation. I switched both carrier and broker with excellent results. Lang’s follow through has been very thorough and attentive. All went well with the switchover and I am quite pleased with the results.

– M.N.

I contacted Lang Insurance from an advertisement and frankly, I was not sure anything would come of it. For the past several years my insurance premiums have been going up and I felt they were excessive based on the actual replacement value of my home. Nevertheless, I was unable to convince my broker or insurance carrier to lower the coverage to its proper level. Kevin Lang took on the project and he was successful in getting my home in Sag Harbor, NY and my apartment in NYC and my automobiles and excess liability insurance covered at approximately 1/2 the amount – saving me approximately $10,000 per year.

– S.L.

I had been very unhappy with the rising insurance costs on my East Hampton home. When I saw your ad in Dan’s Papers, I was skeptical that you could save me money on my current insurance policy. Well, you were able to save me 20% on my Homeowners and now I have turned over my other insurance to you. Your office staff has really been helpful and cooperative in getting me all the information I have needed.

– B.E.

I am so glad I saw your ad in a magazine. You have helped me save almost $1,400 per year on insurance for my home in Kings Point and you have provided additional coverage for my family! Your service and confidence over the phone has been a great comfort. Everyone should give Lang Insurance a call- there is no obligation and Kevin’s a good guy! I am now about to send you my business policies for Great Neck, NY. Thank you for consolidating my coverage by adding my Florida Condo and Westhampton rental to my umbrella policy. It’s nice to be treated fairly and to meet an insurance broker “in the know.”

– K.S.

After having disappointing experiences with several of the standard big name insurance agencies and a couple of local agencies regarding my homeowners policy, my wife suggested I call Lang Insurance after seeing an ad in the local paper. I called and spoke with Kevin Lang. I have found him to be organized, professional, sincere and personable. I utilized Kevin’s experience and understanding of insurance products to secure the best policy, for the best price.

– B.G.

Lang Insurance is the antidote to the mass marketed insurance industry’s assault against waterfront homeownership. Availability of, and the premiums for homes anywhere near the water have risen exponentially in the last few years. We can’t think of another business that has raised its prices as much as the home insurance industry. We had started considering moving away from the area. But, luckily I spotted an advertisement for the Lang Agency and haven’t stopped smiling since. Kevin recommended a specialized insurance company with rates that more accurately assess and reflect true risk. He followed up, clarified, and negotiated on our behalf and put together an excellent insurance package for our home and cars–not a “one size fits all”, but a tailored insurance solution. We couldn’t be happier and completely recommend the services of Kevin Lang and his competent and friendly staff.

– K.L. and S.C.

I was having problems with my insurance coverage on a house on Long Island near the water. I had recently switched providers because the company I had been with for years no longer wanted to insure properties in my location. Being aware of the difficulties we were having with our provider, my wife cut out an advertisement in a Long Island tabloid and gave it to me. I am not the type of person who would normally pursue something as important as insurance by means other than personal recommendation. However, since the Ad targeted my situation, I contacted Lang Insurance and spoke with Kevin Lang. I found him to be very solicitous and he followed up on everything I asked. He wound up getting my business and to date has been the most service oriented individual I have ever dealt with either in my business or personal insurance experience. I would not hesitate recommending him to others.

– A.S.

I found the staff at Lang Insurance to be courteous, efficient and professional. My insurance needs were complex with homes, autos and valuable assets in two different states, yet Lang Insurance not only found better coverage but saved me money as well! I will happily refer Lang Insurance to any of my friends!

– G.H.

Not only did Lang Insurance steer me to the right insurance for my needs, it saved me a lot of money, educated me in my coverage and did so in a way that made me feel like I had a new friend and partner.

– G.B.

Immediate follow-up on all fronts. For small business owners, Lang provides options and the level of detail follow-up that you need.

– M.S.

We are very happy with our new policies. Lang Insurance knew exactly what we needed for our second home and delivered a cost effective policy at great savings as well as excellent customer service.

– M.E.

Lang Insurance has helped guide me through important insurance decisions and always provided top notch advice and cost savings to boot! Great people!

– R.B.