We Listen

Our insurance advice is based on a thorough personal consultation that considers the relevant details of your assets in order to develop a plan appropriate for your personal situation and priorities. We discover what is important by asking the right questions, questions that less specialized brokers don’t know to ask.

We Build the Right Plan for You

Unlike other insurance agencies, we never use standard formulas to evaluate any asset. Instead we look at the distinctive features of a home based on age, construction detail, market conditions and other factors to determine realistic replacement value. We know when to schedule items separately or use blanket coverage because we know how carriers structure claims. Insurance coverage for a jewelry collection, for example, may not depend upon its value, but how the value is allocated across the various pieces.

We Eliminate Waste

Standardized policies inevitably provide coverage that is either too expensive or coverage where it isn’t needed. We repeatedly find that our clients’ previously had policies that used a standard formula to determine the insured value of their outbuildings – outbuildings that often didn’t exist. Older policies can also reflect costs that are outdated and inflated based on current market conditions.

We Have Deep Industry Knowledge

While we only work with the best names in insurance, every company has distinctive features and offerings. Our experience gives us a thorough understanding of where the best opportunities will be found for our clients, and how best to work with a carrier to design the optimum program in terms of quality and cost.

We Take a Long-Term Approach

Lang Insurance is proud of the longevity of its professional relationships; it comes from maintaining our focus on client needs, year after year. We annually review every client’s insurance program in detail and provide recommendations to address the changes in their lives and assets. We’ve spent 40 years doing right by our clients who trust us to help protect what they value for a long time to come.