Understand what homeowner policies don’t cover.

Often homes and vacation homes are more valuable due to their proximity to water, but that charm also leaves them at a higher risk from flood damage. And the fact is that almost one-third of claims received are for houses in low risk areas. Standard homeowner policies typically limit or exclude claims from flooding; in these cases a separate flood policy may required.

Get the appropriate amount of coverage.

The appropriate form that your primary flood insurance should take is based on your location, the home’s elevation and whether the government designates the area as having a low, moderate or high risk of flooding. However primary flood insurance has limits in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and may never come close to covering the money it might cost to repair the potential damage to a luxury home. Making sure that an excess flood policy is in place after an emergency is critical for homeowners most at risk.

You deserve superior attention in a difficult situation.

Our excess flood policies make the aftermath of a crisis easier because of the superior levels of service provided by our insurance carriers and their knowledge and understanding of such situations.


I want you to know that I am a chronic complainer and I infrequently compliment anybody or anything. When I first saw your advertisement, I called your agency about my insurance needs. You directly called me back. You listened to what my needs were and you began an arduous journey to get me the right insurance for my two homes. We encountered tremendous difficulty obtaining coverage as one of my newly acquired homes had a long claims history that predated my ownership. We were turned down by three of your best options. Frankly I would have given up and stayed with the low-quality outfit we had insurance with. But you insisted that a six-million dollar home doesn’t belong with a mid-market insurance company. You persevered and negotiated with the underwriting department at one of your premier carriers. You arranged an in-depth inspection of the property and tailored the exact coverage to meet my own very specific needs. I would have given up Kevin. You kept at this for four months and I appreciate your efforts. Yes- my premium went up by $900 a year. However, the coverage you got is ten-fold better than what I had before- and- the prior policy did not cover the second home. So in perspective, I have ten times the coverage for less than before.

– S.V.