If you don’t think you need flood insurance, you probably do.

Up to 25% of flood insurance claims are in areas FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) categorizes at “low risk” for flooding and erosion from hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes, snow melt, rising rivers and lakes or mudslides. With shifting weather patterns and increasingly dramatic storms a reality, many individuals who never worried about flood damage are paying painful out-of-pocket costs to remove mud and debris, then repair or rebuild their homes or business and replace the contents.

Flood insurance can be a surprisingly affordable investment for your property against the high cost of an unforeseen disaster. People often don’t buy flood insurance due to common misconceptions that their homeowners insurance will cover the damage or the government will provide relief. Homeowners insurance doesn’t typically cover flood damage and federal disaster assistance, after the fact, is actually very expensive. It only comes in the form of a loan, which you must repay with interest, and is only available if the government chooses to declare your weather event a federal disaster. It is worth a phone call to Lang Insurance to discuss your situation and get a quote for flood insurance. It can be a far more economical choice in the long run.

Make Lang Insurance your first call for flood insurance.

Whether your mortgage lender requires flood insurance or you are opting for flood insurance protection yourself, there are three excellent reasons to buy your flood insurance through Lang Insurance.

We understand flood insurance thoroughly and have 30 years of experience choosing superior carriers to protect our clients’ most valuable assets and can provide flood insurance coverage in all 50 states.

Are your existing flood insurance premiums going up?

Flood insurance rates are largely based on the geographic risk factors of your property as determined by the government. However FEMA remaps areas periodically based on everything from changing weather patterns to new development of everything from neighborhoods to shopping centers. Homeowners are increasingly hit with a new, higher risk rating as determined by FEMA and a dramatic increase in their flood insurance premiums. Talk to Lang Insurance if your flood insurance premiums have gone up, we’ll do our best to provide a better rate, with better service.


Everyone I have spoken with at Lang Insurance has been extremely courteous and professional- they take your information and return calls ASAP. PURE Insurance has also been a pleasure to deal with. Unlike most insurance companies I have dealt with in the past, their literature is easy to understand. In all my years in dealing with insurance agents, you are by far and away the best. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.

– D.S.