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  • Products and Services
  • Lang Insurance specializes in luxury, inland and waterfront home insurance. We understand the unique needs of the high-value market and work with top-rated insurance carriers to provide the right amount of coverage depending on your unique needs. For over 35 years we have been providing homeowners insurance to high net worth individuals from the Hamptons to Manhattan and the rest of the United States.

    High Value Homeowners Insurance
  • Lang Insurance can insure waterfront homes in every state. We are committed to reducing the costs of waterfront homeowners insurance; it is one of our significant points of difference and a true competitive advantage. We work with the best carriers to create comprehensive insurance programs that are competitively priced while providing superior coverage. We are experts in the intricacies of this specialized form of insurance and have a long history of serving clients with luxury waterfront homes, often in multiple locations.

    Waterfront Homeowners Insurance
  • We cover a wide range of automobiles.

    The automobiles insured by Lang Insurance range from efficient hybrids to high-value luxury vehicles so we have extensive experience with a wide variety of vehicles. Our clients have specialized needs so, unlike most insurance agencies, we offer specialized insurance for fleets of vehicles as well as exotic, antique and collector cars. We will insure any car, regardless of how unusual or costly it is. And we will insure it for an agreed value at a reasonable price, not the depreciated value at the time of a claim.

    Lang Insurance offers smart packages covering multiple drivers.

    Automobile Insurance and Private Fleet Auto Insurance
  • We help plan for situations you can’t imagine.

    Excess liability covers events that are often called “unthinkable” or “unimaginable” and for that reason clients who come to Lang Insurance have often not really analyzed their true liability needs or are unaware of the additional benefits offered by the top carriers with whom we work, such as international protection and more sophisticated resources in a crisis. We do a thorough needs analysis and set in place policies that offer the highest quality, worldwide protection, important for families that travel.

    Worldwide Excess Liability Insurance
  • Understand and protect what you own.

    Policies that protect valuables are actually among the least expensive forms of insurance but can provide the most reassurance when possessions have a high sentimental, as well as monetary, value. Lang Insurance helps create an up-to-date, worldwide protection plan for any class of valuables; our clients have collections that include jewelry, fine art, wine, rare coins and stamps, silver, antiques and other collectibles. We also work with highly experienced appraisers; regardless of the kind of valuable, we can recommend an expert in the relevant field to establish the current value of what you own.

    Jewelry and Art Insurance
  • Safeguard your valuables at a reasonable cost.

    Our goal is always to provide superior insurance coverage at a reasonable cost. We have the personal experience to recommend both the right insurance and the security measures that should be considered to keep your most valuable possessions safe and the insurance costs down. This results in highly tailored collections coverage that meets each client’s personal goals.

    Valuable Articles/Collectibles Insurance
  • We offer insurance that is ship shape for every shape and size.

    Lang Insurance clients own watercraft of all sizes, and often several, from runabouts to mega yachts. We are skilled at determining the property and liability coverage that makes the best economic sense based on how you use whatever form of watercraft you own. Our coverage advice weighs all the relevant factors for each vessel, who is at the helm, the length and value of the watercraft, where it is docked and/or stored, what kind of valuables are regularly on board and where it is used.

    Watercraft Insurance
  • We work with both individuals and businesses to provide flood insurance that protects homes, buildings and contents for commercial and residential properties.
    We will find you the most competitive rate in your market area.

    Flood Insurance
  • You deserve superior attention in a difficult situation.
    Our excess flood policies make the aftermath of a flood crisis easier because of the superior levels of service provided by our insurance carriers and their knowledge and understanding of such situations.

    Excess Flood Insurance
  • Make sure you and your family are protected long term.

    Lang Insurance offers long term care insurance that will protect your valuable assets and estate from the ever-increasing costs of long-term illness or accident.

    Long Term Care Insurance
  • Lang helps make difficult choices about Life Insurance easier.
    Lang Insurance has experts that can advise you with estate planning, and life insurance coverage that will protect your loved ones and/or business partners. Planning for unforeseen events is very important and we will help you accomplish that.

    Life Insurance