Watercraft Insurance

We offer insurance that is ship shape for every shape and size.

Lang Insurance clients own watercraft of all sizes, and often several, from runabouts to mega yachts. We are skilled at determining the property and liability coverage that makes the best economic sense based on how you use whatever form of watercraft you own. Our coverage advice weighs all the relevant factors for each vessel, who is at the helm, the length and value of the watercraft, where it is docked and/or stored, what kind of valuables are regularly on board and where it is used.

Get agreement on the value of your vessel up front.

Policies generally have broadly defined navigational limits to provide the worldwide protection our clients need. Like our automobile policies, watercraft insurance from the carriers we represent doesn’t cover merely the depreciated value of a boat based on its age and condition; it provides the agreed value of the vessel along with emergency services in the event of a claim.

Make sure your coverage is seamless.

Many of our clients engage captains and a crew and are therefore subject to the specialized liability and negligence laws covering boating accidents that relate to injuries to maritime employees, whether they occur on dry land or at sea. Lang Insurance makes sure that watercraft policies are integrated with other specialized policies such as worldwide excess liability and hurricane and wind coverage to provide seamless insurance protection.

I found the staff at Lang Insurance to be courteous, efficient and professional. My insurance needs were complex with homes, autos and valuable assets in two different states, yet Lang Insurance not only found better coverage but saved me money as well! I will happily refer Lang Insurance to any of my friends!

- G.H.