Long Term Care Insurance

Make sure you and your family are protected long term.

Lang Insurance offers long term care insurance that will protect your valuable assets and estate from the ever-increasing costs of long-term illness or accident.

It is my sincere hope that my recommendation of Kevin will prevent anyone from the terrible and disappointing experience that I have encountered with another insurance agent. After years being with the same insurance broker I had an unfortunate experience damaging my home, and instead of working and helping there was no assistance; but had to handle everything by myself including finding and hiring a public adjuster. Now, because there is a claim, the policy is being cancelled. I did not receive any offerings or suggestions for replacement, from this insurance agent. A colleague of mine who also experienced ineffective treatment from a previous insurance agent, turned to Kevin Lang and was very pleased, As soon as I contacted Kevin, he immediately helped my situation. In addition, not only did Kevin secure the needed policies but he also saved me money. Kevin is a diligent professional and it is my pleasure to recommend him.

- C.T.