Long Term Care Insurance

Make sure you and your family are protected long term.

Lang Insurance offers long term care insurance that will protect your valuable assets and estate from the ever-increasing costs of long-term illness or accident.

Our home had major flooding damage after Hurricane Irene. Our garage had two feet of water in it and two cars were a total loss. The entire flooring was flooded in our home and was destroyed along with over $50,000 in furniture. A structural engineer has determined that our house may have shifted from the flooding and all of the bricks that cover our entire home have to be torn down and replaced. It is unbelievable how Kevin Lang and Lang Insurance were on top of the claim from start to finish. Kevin even met with the adjuster from the insurance company and showed him all of damage that had been done. He even came back to our home to meet the structural engineer. In all of my years as a homeowner, I have never worked with such a concerned and dedicated insurance agent. He serviced our claim with a vigilence and dedication from initial claim through follow-up. We were very fortunate to have Kevin Lang and Lang insurance as our agent for all of our coverage. We received payment for our two cars within days and our home and contents coverage was settled in less than two weeks. I want to thank you Kevin and let you know that our family will be clients of Lang Insurance for life.

- S.M.