Worldwide Excess Liability Insurance

When you should get extra protection.

Excess liability is critical insurance for families with significant personal assets who could easily face a claim that exceeds the liability protections provided by their other policies. Apart from providing higher coverage, specialized excess liability policies can cover more situations than those covered in homeowners or auto policies. Unfortunately there is no way to predict when a lawsuit may arise, but the opportunities are plentiful for well-to-do clients who can own multiple automobiles and boats, run several households, host and entertain many guests, and serve as board members.

We help plan for situations you can’t imagine.

Excess liability covers events that are often called “unthinkable” or “unimaginable” and for that reason clients who come to Lang Insurance have often not really analyzed their true liability needs or are unaware of the additional benefits offered by the top carriers with whom we work, such as international protection and more sophisticated resources in a crisis. We do a thorough needs analysis and set in place policies that offer the highest quality, worldwide protection, important for families that travel.

Make sure your insurance covers employment-related claims.

Many of the families we serve engage some combination of domestic staff, nannies, personal assistants, caretakers, drivers or gardeners and, like a corporation, can face employment-related litigation such as wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment. In addition to full-time staff, service providers such as contractors, landscapers or caterers constantly change employees and can bring numerous people to your property that might be injured.

Understanding the risks of board membership.

Furthermore, board members of corporations, foundations, non-profits, or coops and condos can be sued individually as part of a lawsuit against the board. We can help you understand how much you actually have at risk based on your activities and assets and suggest appropriate coverage for your family.

Our home had major flooding damage after Hurricane Irene. Our garage had two feet of water in it and two cars were a total loss. The entire flooring was flooded in our home and was destroyed along with over $50,000 in furniture. A structural engineer has determined that our house may have shifted from the flooding and all of the bricks that cover our entire home have to be torn down and replaced. It is unbelievable how Kevin Lang and Lang Insurance were on top of the claim from start to finish. Kevin even met with the adjuster from the insurance company and showed him all of damage that had been done. He even came back to our home to meet the structural engineer. In all of my years as a homeowner, I have never worked with such a concerned and dedicated insurance agent. He serviced our claim with a vigilence and dedication from initial claim through follow-up. We were very fortunate to have Kevin Lang and Lang insurance as our agent for all of our coverage. We received payment for our two cars within days and our home and contents coverage was settled in less than two weeks. I want to thank you Kevin and let you know that our family will be clients of Lang Insurance for life.

- S.M.