Private Fleet Auto insurance

We cover a wide range of automobiles.

The automobiles insured by Lang Insurance range from efficient hybrids to high-value luxury vehicles so we have extensive experience with a wide variety of vehicles. Our clients have specialized needs so, unlike most insurance agencies, we offer specialized insurance for fleets of vehicles as well as exotic, antique and collector cars. We will insure any car, regardless of how unusual or costly it is. And we will insure it for an agreed value at a reasonable price, not the depreciated value at the time of a claim.

Lang Insurance offers smart packages covering multiple drivers.

Many of our clients have more cars than there are drivers in the family, a situation that allows us to provide cost-saving policy packages depending on how the cars are garaged and whether they are driven by family or staff. High net worth clients also need to consider higher liability coverage than is typically provided and be protected internationally. These are protections that ordinary automobile policies do not offer. As always, we help clients understand these differences in auto policies that may not seem important until a claim is filed for an accident, fire, theft, vandalism or other damage. For example, significant differences exist in policies covering owned and leased vehicles. The remaining value of the lease covering an irreparable automobile includes a significant interest component and we want to make sure that gap between the value of the car and the value of the lease is covered in the event of an accident or theft.

You deserve exceptional service in case of an accident.

We work with carriers that provide exceptional client service. Policies can provide generous allowances for rental cars that are delivered and picked up as needed, in situations where your car is inoperable and you are far from home, plus flexibility in how and where the vehicle is repaired. All of our policies have full glass coverage. The goal is to always provide you with the highest level of quality coverage in every aspect of your auto or fleet insurance.

I recently switched insurance brokers to Kevin Lang Insurance. This was prompted by a recommendation to me from a friend, subsequent to a discussion we had about the very high premiums that I was paying on my current insurance policy. After discussing the details of my insurance needs with Lang, he developed a quotation for me from two alternative carriers that gave me equal or better coverage. These quotations were approximately 50% lower than my existing premiums. Initially I was skeptical of such a large differentiation, so I had the quotations reviewed by an independent risk manager who ultimately gave his blessing on the quotation. I switched both carrier and broker with excellent results. Lang’s follow through has been very thorough and attentive. All went well with the switchover and I am quite pleased with the results.

- M.N.